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Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

The harsh temperatures and heavy snow during winter can take quite a toll on your home. It is extremely important to make sure your roofing system is ready for winter’s blast before the frigid temperatures, snow, sleet and ice arrive. By performing preventative maintenance to your roofing system before the winter weather strikes, you’ll save yourself from costly repairs and improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort level.

By following these simple tips provided by the roofing experts at SAS Services, Inc. you’ll save yourself the aggravation and expense of a winter roofing emergency:

  • Winterizing your roof begins with a thorough cleaning. Remove all debris from your roof by using a leaf blower or push broom. Start from the top of the roof working your way down.
  • After you have cleared the debris from your roof, inspect your roof for signs of obvious damage such as damaged, loose or missing shingles and flashing. Secure or replace all damaged or missing shingles and flashing to prevent leaks caused by melting ice and snow.
  • Remove leaves, sticks and other debris from gutters to help prevent ice damming and gutter damage due to icicles caused by overflow.
  • If you notice tree branches hanging over your roof, it is best to remove those branches. Clearing low-hanging branches before the high winds, snow and ice arrive will protect your roof  from broken limbs that could damage or penetrate the roof.
  • Check your attic or roof space for areas that are sagging, keeping an eye out for water damage and leaks. Dark spots and drips are typically sure signs that you have a roof leak. Check your joists for woodworm, dampness, fungus and rot.
  • To prevent excess heat from escaping through your attic, check your insulation to be sure that it is sufficient. Heat that penetrates your roof can cause ice and snow to melt during the day and re-freeze at night, worsening the likelihood of ice damming.
  • To ensure that you do not have excessive snow and ice build up during the winter, one of the main steps to take is to improve the ventilation in your attic. Appropriate attic ventilation will help air circulate in and out of your attic, which can help you avoid excessive snow and ice accumulation.

For over 25 years, the roofing and gutter experts at SAS Services, Inc. have been keeping Metro Detroit-area homes healthy and dry.

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